Exotic Seafoods of Frozen Tilapia

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Quick Details:
  • Product Type: Fish
  • Variety: Globefish
  • Style: Frozen
  • Freezing Process: IQF
  • Shape: Block
  • Part: Whole
  • Packaging: Bulk
  • Shelf Life: 12 or 24 month
  • Weight (kg): 10
  • Model Number: 200-300g, 300-500g, 400-600g, 500-800g,800g
  • Product name: Frozen Tilapia
  • Package: IWP, Bulk, 10kgs/ctn, 40lbs/ctn
  • Latin name: Oreochromia Niloticus
  • Frozen way: IQF
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Tilapia is a species of freshwater, plant-eating fish, and chances are you ate it last year. On average, each American eats more than 1 pound (lb) of the fish each year. Today, it’s the fourth most consumed fish in the United States, after tuna, salmon, and Alaskan pollock. Tilapia is an inexpensive, mild white fish that’s easy to prepare and cook, making it an appealing dinner choice. But beyond taste, it’s the farming practices that have caused tilapia to explode in popularity. Nicknamed the “aqua-chicken,” tilapia can be produced on a mass scale, allowing the fish to be widely available at a high quality and an affordable price.


Types of Processing
Whole Round, Gutted & Scaled, Gutted & Scaled & Gilled, Cleaned
N.W. / Glazing
75%NW-100%NW, ETC.
IWP, Bulk pack,10kgs/ctn, 40lbs/ctn.
1 x 40'FCL, loading about 26,500kgs. 1 x 20'FCL, loading about 10,000kgs.
Shelf Life
12-24 Monhs
  1. Sarah B.
    22 April 2019
    There is a reason why ‘Tilapia’ is a fish that no one has heard of before the last five years. It’s not real fish people! It may be easily added to a diet for people that don’t enjoy fish since it’s so mild. But there are so many other better choices that are much safer, healthier, and far more delicious.
  2. Simona
    10 August 2019
    One of my favorite affordable fish that there are on the market! I love it when my husband makes it blackened with seasoning on the skillet with some butter and garlic. He usually always makes me grilled asparagus and mushrooms with it as well!
  3. Niah.N
    13 January 2019
    Tilapia is one of my go-to proteins (along with salmon and chicken). I especially love using tilapia because it’s super inexpensive and doesn’t have a strong fishy taste (so the whole family will eat it!). I usually eat it blackened, fried, or stuffed (crab is my favorite stuffing! Spinach, olive, and feta is another good option.). I definitely recommend adding tilapia to your meal planning for a hit of healthy protein that doesn’t add a lot of fat or calories. Serving suggestions included!
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