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  • Type: Coffee Bean
  • Variety: Arabica
  • Processing Type: Roasted
  • Grade: AA
  • Maturity: 100%
  • Additional Ingredient: ≤0.2
  • Packaging: Aluminum Foil Bag
  • Shelf Life: 18
  • Weight (kg): 250
  • Place of Origin: Guatemala
  • Model Number: G250
  • Cultivation Type: Common
  • Origin Place: Guatemala
  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Roast Levels: Aluminum Foil Bag
  • Service: OEM
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Cothas Specialty Blend Coffee and Chicory include composition of Coffee 85% & Chicory 15%. It is a roasted coffee seeds with pure coffee powder. It lowers the risk of range of cancers, improves cholesterol health, lowers risk of heart diseases, elevated fat burning and also increases strength and power. Chicory is also known to destroy intestinal parasites, purify the blood and improve liver health.


Coffee 100%
Pollibetta, Coorg
Chocolate, Caramel
Dry processed, Wet Processed & Pulp Sun Dried
  1. Samir
    29 March 2019
    These beans have no pedigree!, I mean its a mix of all - pea berry, robusta and perhaps some arabica as well, the beans have been roasted haphazardly but what ever CCD has done with it seems to work because the taste is good, the strength is excellent and the Aroma - - - boy oh boy oh boy!!! my whole house was pleasantly smelling of coffee everywhere & this was the kind of smell which you experience the moment you enter CCD or Starbucks, I use moka pot for extraction. I have purchased and extracted many beans from a lot of places even pure Arabica beans from Blue Tokai, but none of them come close to the aroma emanating from these beans, definitely recommended, But hey if the visual aspect of the beans is more important for you instead of taste and aroma, then these beans are not for you!
  2. Malik
    30 Sept 2019
    real coffee does tastes great, beans can be powdered easily using chutney jar (childs play). without chicory the taste is different also flavour. it does wake you up in any situation. never going to buy coffee powder again
  3. Rahul.G
    19 January 2019
    Please go for a smaller pack if you are trying for the first time. Note: if not using in machine- Grounded coffee beans will have to be filtered thoroughly as they will not dissolve completely, leaving a muddy taste behind.
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