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Tata Water Plus is India’s first nutrient water. Developed in collaboration with international scientists and Indian nutrition experts, Tata Water Plus represents the larger mission of NourishCo Beverages — to mitigate nutritional gaps in the average Indian consumer. NourishCo, our joint venture with PepsiCo India, seeks to deliver ‘Healthy Beverages for a Healthier India’ and intends to enhance the hydration category in the country.


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Tata Water Plus
  1. Sean
    22 March 2019
    Bought this as a gift and it came packed fine. The taste is very good and you will love it if you like nutty chocolates. It arrived on time and good quality. You can have it alone or even added to ice cream as topping. It tastes absolutely great and suitable for kids also.
  2. M.N
    10 Sept 2019
    The chocolates were well packed and were not melted. Seeing the other reviews maybe the chocolates would turn faulty, took a chance the chocolates are tasty and not bitter as the original is meant to be. Nice and tasty box of chocolates
  3. John
    3 January 2019
    Delicious chocolate candy. Delivered nicely and very fresh. I am only sad when it is all gone :(
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